Jamboree on the Air – Jamboree on the Internet (JOTA JOTI) is a fun and exciting annual experience for all young people in Scouting using the widest range of technology communication channels to educate, promote cultural awareness, develop tolerance, as well as enhance sharing, collaboration and teamwork, along with building a sense of belonging to the worldwide Scout Movement. It is a “travel-free” Jamboree that takes place wherever you are in the world.

Through JOTA JOTI every Member of Scouts Australia can make friends, exchange stories, experience different cultures and have fun as part of the largest activity in world Scouting. JOTA JOTI also gives Youth Members an awareness that they belong to a worldwide Movement.

The event is held the third full weekend of October.

Visit the official World Organization of the Scout Movement’s website for JOTA JOTI here.


In 2019, Scout Electronics operated two JOTA-JOTI sites: Woodhouse Hopahowl and Edinburgh Park.  Both sites offered a wide range of activities such as:

  • Radio Communication – The foundation of JOTA
  • Skype with other Scouts from all over the world
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC – ScoutLink)
  • Minecraft with Scouts from all over the world
  • Secret Codes, Signalling, Morse Code
  • Electronic kit building, such as: Electronic dice, LED flasher, doorbell, or bad breath detector
  • Radio Fox hunting and other radio-based Wide Games
  • Technology and the Environment – E-Waste recycling
  • JOTA blindfolded obstacle course, JOTA Mine Sweeper, Team building Games
  • Opportunities for youth members to complete Badge Work

Participate in JOTI

Check out our handy guide to participating in JOTI.

Station Details

Other Scout Groups also operated their own stations, supported by local Amateur Radio groups. We can support these stations financially and by putting groups in touch with amateur radio clubs in their area. Contact us for more information.